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Christi Wade

I laugh and smile all the time now.

What Brought You to SmileBOND?

I was self-conscious about my smile. My teeth were flat and short- just not the big, bright smile I always wanted.

Did You Consider or Try Other Options?

Actually, no. I just assumed that nothing could be done to correct the shape of my teeth. I knew that other treatment options were definitely too expensive.

How Did You Find SmileBOND?

My husband is a sales rep that calls on dentists. He saw what SmileBOND had done for other patients at a local dental practice. He knew I was unhappy with my smile and suggested that I talk to the dentist about whether SmileBOND was a good solution for me.

How Was the SmileBOND Process?

The process was fast and simple.  I don’t think it even took an hour and the results were immediate.  I walked in with flat, short teeth and walked out with a fabulous bright smile!

How Has SmileBOND Affected You?

I laugh and smile all the time now.  I never really had a bad smile, but it was also not the beautiful smile that makes you want to show it all day.  After SmileBOND, I feel younger, more confident.  I am always getting compliments and want to show my smile to everyone.  I would recommend SmileBOND to anyone!