How it Works

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How to get started:

  • Meet with a SmileBOND Dentist to discuss your concerns and goals.
  • If SmileBOND is right for you, the dentist will obtain initial records that include models and photos of your teeth. You may also test a bonding color on your teeth to select the color you want.
  • SmileBOND Lab will create 2 models: an initial model of your current condition and a corrected or "enhanced" after model that shows what your beautiful new smile will look like!
  • After you approve your new SmileBOND Smile, the lab will make a custom, patented bonding shell for the dentist to use. The shell allows the dentist to deliver the exact shapes shown on the enhanced model, in the bonding shade of your choice.

Get Started Today!

SmileBOND Treatment Day

  • 1. The dentist will take photos for your clinical records, showing your starting smile.
  • 2. Care and use instructions will be discussed and all questions answered.
  • 3. The teeth will be gently roughened with a fine diamond bur. This process is painless! Anesthetic is available though rarely chosen by patients.
  • 4. Once the teeth are ready, the dentist will place the bonding shell over the teeth.
  • 5. The bonding material is injected through the shell and then cured with a light.
  • 6. The shell is removed and the teeth are smoothed and polished.
  • 7. Your new SmileBOND smile is revealed!